Writer’s Block: The Quill

She fiddled with her pen rolling it back and forth between her fingers. Most people chose to do all their writing via computer, but not her. She jokingly dubbed herself a, “Techno-Rebel”, since all her friends poked fun at her. Her self-proclaimed anarchy isn’t just for the idea of, “Fighting the power”, it’s more to keep her from being distracted. If she were to write on her laptop the lure of the social media would suck her in.

As she was attempting to do a trick with her pen, she misjudged and the pen fell on to her paper leaving a black dot. She smiled as she realized the only thing on written on her paper was the dot. Grabbing the pen, she clicked it to close and placed it next to her paper.

Leaning back in her chair she began to rock side to side, still having no inspiration. Her eyes slowly glanced to a side table were her laptop gleamed at her. She shook her head willing away the welcome thoughts of time wasting her device offered.

Sighing, she sat forwarded and started opening the drawers of her desk. Shifting through knick-knacks and other randomly placed items she stumbled across a medium sized, black box. She pulled the box from the draw and set it on the table in front of her opening it a smile slowly emerged from her lips.

Laying gracefully on the black foam in front of her was a purple quill and three small ink bottles. She lightly ran her finger over the purple quill feather as she remembered it was a gift from her friends to support her rebellious ways of no technology writing. Reaching for the bottles she slowly pulled the small corks from them. The corks revealed the vibrant colors hidden behind the mask of the black bottles, green, pink and blue.

Grabbing the quill, she felt the smooth surface of the tubing against her skin. Her mind started to race with ideas. Quickly she dipped her quill in the green bottle and brought her ideas to life.



via Daily Prompt: Quill


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