Jangle: Gracie’s World #shortstory

Her back pressed against the wall as she slowly pulled her bony knees towards her until they rest against her chest. Glancing to the one small window in her room she was met with just darkness. She hated nights where the moonlight wasn’t visible, just pitch back, darkness. Closing her eyes, she rested her forehead on her knees, causing her long sandy blonde hair to drape around her. The only comfort was the thin mattress she was sitting on. The rest of the room was just four concrete walls, a door and that small window.

A shiver ran down her spin as she heard the jangle noise echoing through the silence of the night. Jerking her head up she grabbed the white sheet that covered her small frame. Her grip on the sheet was turning her knuckles white.

The jangle sound was slowly coming closer, as it did every pitch black night. She held her breath as she heard the door next to hers open. A blood curdling scream broke the silence of the night, sending her heart racing.

Frantic, she looked around the room for any escape, any sign of light, but there was none to be found. A deep muffled voice bellowed from the room next to her as the scream slowly dissipated. Her heart pounding was the only sound she could hear in the now.

She heard the door next to her room shut and the jangle sound continued again. In her mind, she willed the sound to move past her room, but to no avail. She starred as the doorknob to her room slowly turned and opened, revealing a big, burly man standing in the door frame.

She jumped up quickly, flinging the sheet out of her way, her blue eyes wide with panic as the man came towards her. Without thinking she darted against the other side of the wall behind the big man. He turned to face her, and she could tell that she was much faster than this man. She noticed a name on his shirt, “Winston.”

He flung his big, long, hairy arms out to grab her she ducked and ran towards the open door. ‘Freedom!’ her mind screaming as she willed her feet to move faster against the light blue and white checkered floor tile.

Feeling the cold title against her bare feet as she ran down the hallways, she saw, what seemed to be like a thousand of doors with numbers on them. She could hear the jangling noise getting closer but was too terrified to turn and see how close the big man was to her now.

She quickly rounded a corner, slamming into the wall as she skidded, not feeling the pain as her adrenaline flared through her veins. This slip-up was just enough time for Winston to catch up with her. His large hands grabbed her shoulders, instantly halting her. He pulled her tiny frame against his big body, lifting her off the ground she began to kick and scream for help.

“Gracie!” His deep voice boomed but was met with deaf ears. “CODE GRAY!” Winston bellowed in her ear making her scream louder and kick harder. Two women came sprinting towards them, one holding a syringe in her hand.

“Please! HELP ME!” She screamed as she saw the women but was met with a shock when one of them grabbed her head by the sides, holding it still.

Tears streamed from Gracie’s eyes as she realized no one was going to help her. She felt a sharp sting in her neck, almost instantly her mind was covered in a fog as her body went limp still locked within Winston’s tight grip.





via Daily Prompt: Jangle


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