Dream: The Beginnings

She had her eyes closed but could still feel the radiance of the sun. The sun was more enjoyable with her eyes closed. No pain, no strain just welcoming warmth. She felt a smile slowly crease her lips, it has been awhile since she smiled, such a deeply felt smile. A finger slowly trace her lips. She giggled, turned on her side and slowly opened her eyes staring into the face of Jaden. ‘Why must you always interrupt my happy place?” She asked jokingly.

“There is no happy place without me, love.” He smirked his reply.  She laughed and poked his nose watching his eyes cross. “I have something for you.” He said. She hadn’t noticed the hand behind his back.

‘Oh. Really now?” She pulled her finger away and slowly reached around him, heading for the hidden gift.

“You think I wouldn’t notice that?” He laughed.

“I thought you got lost in my eyes?” She said gazing into Jaden’s deep blue eyes.

“Not when I have something you want.” He said sitting up quickly. She lay there a minute then smiled sitting up too.

She looked around her. There was a wide-open field with a lone weeping willow in the distance. She felt the slight cool breeze brush against her face and hair. She loved the warm weather and the slight breeze was just a bonus. She turned to him and smirked. “I bet it’s not that great or you wouldn’t be hiding it for such a long time.” Jaden laughed.

“Those tricks only work on guys who don’t know you.” She ignored his remark.

“So. Gift or not?” He looked up in the sky as if he had to contemplate his choices.


“Well I guess I could….” But there was a sound. A sound that sent shivers down her spine into her core.

That sound wasn’t right. Not in this place. Not with him.

She stood straight up and was looking around like a hawk scanning for its prey.

There wasn’t anything in sight. Jaden stood up next to her and put his hand on her shoulder softly. “What is it Lena?” He whispered even though he wasn’t sure why.

“You didn’t hear that?” She said taking her eyes off of her screening of the area.

Jaden looked at her confused. “What sound?”

Her body tightened as she heard it again. Only closer. Her eyes shot around the field again scanning, straining to see as much in the distance as she could.  Jaden’s grip tightened on her shoulder, enough to pull her gaze back to him.

“What are you hea…” She cut him off before he could finish.

“This isn’t right. Not here. We have to go.” She grabbed him pulling him as she ran in the direction of the tree, the only safe place.

Jaden was stumbling behind her all confused, she could feel him starring his questions at the back of her head.

“The tree is the only safe place. We have to get there.” She answered his unsaid question. The tree didn’t seem this far. They were still running. The sound was getting closer. It started to echo. She couldn’t place the direction or the source. She grabbed Jaden’s hand and squeezed it tight, they both picked up speed.

The tree was getting closer now she knew the only choice was to make it or… No, the only choice was the tree.

The sound was almost on top of them but for some reason Jaden didn’t hear it. She didn’t care he would see soon enough.

“We have to climb that willow.” She had to force out. Her lungs were on fire from running what seemed miles. She could feel him breathing hard and could tell they were both pushing off the ground harder with every step but only slowing down.

“I.. have… to .. Stop.” He managed to get out as he slowed down, not letting go of her hand he stopped her dead in her tracks.

“NO!” She screamed, pulling his hand but without success. “We can’t stay here. The tree…” She trailed off as his hand went limp in hers. She didn’t notice before but his head was down. “Jaden… We can’t stop now… We’re so close….”

That’s when she heard it.

The sound, not coming from around them but from in front of her…. From him.

Her eyes widened at the realization and she let go of his hand stumbling backwards. “ No… No… No…” Was all she could manage to get out.

His head slowly started to lift up to look her in the face, the sound growing louder. He reached for her grabbing on to her arm with a steel grip.  She let out a blood curdling scream…



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