Ruins of My Mind


Here I sit

Headphones on

World blocked out

Wandering through the ruins of my mind

Looking for the person I’m supposed to be

There are no clues

Just destruction and decay

I gently run my hand on a crumbing wall

Deeply itched in the stone are the words used to destroy me

Sadness overwhelms me as I realize

Those words are not who I am



11 thoughts on “Ruins of My Mind

  1. I love how much emotion you put into this! It is really beautifully done, and the image just ends it perfectly. I am really impressed by it. It leaves me so curious as to what those words are! It also feels very relatable to my own feelings. Thank you for sharing 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate the feed back. This was a late night poetry session. Sometimes I feel as if I write better when it’s late at night and I’m just listening to some music.

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      1. I think everyone has that special time when they are at their best, which is so interesting! I find that my ideas and writing are best in the early morning with a cup of coffee (or two, or three..)

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      1. I’m sorry to hear that. The best advice I’ve heard for writer’s block is not to push it too hard. Take a break, go for a walk, do something you enjoy. (Yes, I’ve been there too; otherwise I wouldn’t have been researching writer’s block.)

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