Journey in Blogging: Week One

I was asked the other day, “You have a blog now. What are your goals with it?”

As I write this I’m still throwing the question back and forth through my mind. Goals can be a tricky beast to tackle, especially for me. I always want to come out swinging and set my goals high, but my rational side stops me before I jump in chin first. What popped into my head was simple but important, because this blog is still my current goal. Not that I don’t have any other goals or dreams but this blog is a huge step for me and my writing.

This week, marks my first week at blogging and I am enjoying sharing my writings with everyone willing to read them. Before I could even start I had to come up with a blog name what I came up with was, BloggerInABlogWorld. I thought it was cute and catchy, no clue if it really was catchy, but in my mind, I still believe it. I picked as my blogging oasis and jumped right in. I had no idea what I was doing or how to go about it, so I winged the entire set up. If I’m honest, I’m still learning what to do because the old idea; learn by doing.

The main reasons I started this blog was to get out of my comfort zone, challenge myself to write daily, embrace new writing ideas, and most importantly, to share my writings with others. I was terrible at coming out of my comfort zone and sharing anything I wrote with more than five people. Even with those people I would pick and choose what I would share. I was so nervous about my writing being viewed and ‘judged’ that I limited my creativity which then made me have zero motivation to write.

I posted my friend article not knowing what would happen but in my state of being uncomfortable I still felt no fear. What shocked me was once I posted my first blog piece it felt like a weight had lifted off my chest and I could breathe a sigh of relief. I kept my goal of posting at least once a day, and sometimes even twice a day. Once I started seeing people reading my blog posts and interacting with me it motivated me more. I started a Twitter account to find even more bloggers and to share my own work. Not only do I have the Word Press community but the Twitter community as well which makes me want to share more of work.

For everyone who has read, liked, commented on a post or followed me on either and/or both platforms, THANK YOU. I believe as a blogger I should embrace the blogging community and support other bloggers. No matter the content you share know I’m always happy to read it and give you feed back. Supporting each other can only grow ourselves and the people around us. I look forward to the growth and challenges the next days, months and years. I hope you will join me as I continue down this path because I will gladly join your journey too.


14 thoughts on “Journey in Blogging: Week One

  1. It’s interesting that you talk about your comfort zone of showing your work to five people. Blogging is so far removed from that, isn’t it? I think it’s a strange feeling when you first see that people in several different countries have viewed your page.

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    1. It is! I’m still awestruck everyday when I see people liking/viewing and commenting on my posts. It’s a great feeling. Yes it’s completely different but I realized I will never grow as a writer by limiting myself on that level. So, I took a deep breath and letting it out once my site way created. Then I made it a goal of mine to post at least once a day. I still get nervous every time I post but instead of fretting after I submit my work I smile. I’m headed in the right direction I believe.

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      1. I think you are headed in the right direction too! Posting everyday doesn’t seem to have diminished the quality of your writing in any way.

        (As for me, daily posts sound like just a little bit too much effort, and if I become too motivated, I will have to change the name of my website.)

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      2. Thank you for saying that. I worry that having a goal of posting everyday will be too forced and people will see that. But I’m loving it right now and if I ever feel its forced or not enough time was put into something I won’t post it just to post it either. Haha. And I like the name of your website. You keeping doing you.

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  2. Hi Holly,

    What a great blog. I love the theme you have chosen, it is super easy to navigate. Your blog is similar to mine in that it’s a little bit of everything about your life. I hope to do some creative writing in the future too – I look at the daily prompts every day and my mind just goes blank! Good luck with your blog going forward, I will follow with interest!

    Tallulah x

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    1. Thank you so much for checking out my blog and giving me some feedback on it. I want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to navigate so I’m glad to hear it is. The prompts can be painstaking sometimes because I have to think how I can use that word in a poem or short story so I understand. Thank you for the follow! It means a lot.


      1. Thanks Holly! Yes, I did just follow you on Twitter. I am so impressed with your work and how you market yourself. It’s no surprise to me that you have already been nominated for an award. That’s really great. You are on the right track. I am learning a lot from you.

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      2. I thought that was you! But I wanted to check haha. Aww, thank you so much. That means a lot to me. I’m glad I can help. Feel free to DM me on twitter whenever/if ever you’d like too as well. I think it’s all about community and supporting everyone’s creativity so we can grow and flourish in your talents/passions.

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