Personal Artist: Tailor

She came bursting through the front door carrying a yellow trash sack full of clothing. “Summer Santa is here!” She yelled through the house.

She grabbed a side of the yellow plastic and ripped it with a loud playful roar. The bag spewed clothing as if it was a fresh kill, her eyes widened with excitement. Digging her fingers into the pile she started to go through all the wonderful fabrics. Since she was the one who picked up the bag from the local thrift shop she got first dibs on any item.

The patter of feet coming down the wooden stairs was her warning bell, she hurried through grabbing as much as she could. Standing up as she turned, almost running into two of her younger brothers and then weaving to avoid her three younger sisters.

“No fighting or crying!” She barked the orders at them as she headed up the stairs. She paused for a moment and smiled as they dug into the clothes like it was buried treasure hunt.

Walking into her tiny room she reached with her foot to close the door. She dropped her clothing on her bed and smiled. “Let the master work.” She said out loud as she cracked her fingers.

Laying out her sowing kit she grabbed the scissors and began to rip, tear and cut apart the clothing in front of her. She was her own tailor turning old, used and unwanted clothes into artwork. She worked her magic for hours making a wild new wardrobe, fit to her tastes of the eccentric and unique.  Cutitthisway

via Daily Prompt: Tailor


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