My Insight Into Game Of Thrones S7E3


The below post will contain spoilers of Season 7 Episode 3 of Game of Thrones. If you have not seen the episode yet and do not want spoilers please DO NOT read on. For everyone else, let’s begin.

Quiet in the realm GOT

            Let me start out by saying when I see the four words flash across my screen on Sunday nights I get giddy and don’t pay attention to any social media. Those four lovely words are, “Quiet In The Realm.”

Now just a quick overview of what I will be doing on posts like this. I will not be recapping a full episodes of Game of Thrones (GOT). I will be breaking down plotlines from time to time, going over character dynamics and just pointing out things I was thinking as I watched the show.

The Queen's Justice starts now

Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 3

Game of Thrones is not letting us down this season! So many momentous and jaw dropping (As if we can still be shocked by this show), moments were dropped on us tonight. It was a wild ride so hold tight.


The introduction to Jon Snow landing on the shores of Dragonstone were very, “Mother of Dragons.” Having a dragon fly over your head and make you drop in terror isn’t the best way to stand your ground, good thing it wasn’t infront of Khaleesi.  As we know, Khaleesi, has many titles bestowed upon her from “Mother of Dragons” to “Breaker of chains”. Her introduction to Jon Snow was very long winded and Jon’s was very brief but important, “The King of the North”.

Khaleesi vs Jon Snow introduction

A quick rundown of their interaction is Khaleesi wanted Jon to bow to her and pledge his loyalty, as well as the North, to her but he told her no. Which was kind of disheartening for me because I just want them to become allies already! I do understand why it wouldn’t be so easy for either of them to become best friends forever that quickly. Khaleesi’s father, “The Mad King”, killed both Brandon and Rickard Stark. Rickard was roasted alive in his own body armor and Brandon had a cord put around his neck and sword placed out of his reach. Brandon was struggled to death by his attempts to get to the sword and save his father. All because, “The Mad King”, abducted Lyanna Stark and hide her away in Dorne. So, of course this all makes Jon hesitant in trusting Khaleesi, and not to mention his pledge to the families of the North who appointed him King.

Now- Khaleesi on the other hand, she didn’t trust Jon because he is the ‘Bastard’ son of Ned Stark. She points out that many people have hired assassins throughout her life to kill her, one of those people being Robert Baratheon, who was close friends with Ned and became after her father was killed. (Varys really needs to tell her about how Ned was the ONLY person who tried to talk Robert out of killing her on multiple occasions.) She points out that she shouldn’t trust Jon because of his father’s connection to Robert and putting a “Hit out”, on a baby. Along with the fact that Jon isn’t revoking his title as King of the North when Khaleesi believe she should rule all seven kingdoms, not share the north with Jon Snow. She also seems to not buy that Jon telling her about the White Walkers, that it is a distraction point and refuses to believe him.  She also took note of Davos mentioning that he was stabbed in the heart, to which he said it was for his people. Which Tyrion dismissed as a flight of fancy, but it was enough for her to take pause.

So she then takes his boat and strands him on Dragonstone, not holding him imprisoned however, he is free to move about the grounds and the castle. This isn’t completely bad because it gives Tyrion time to convince Khaleesi to allow Jon to mine for the Dragonglass which he seeks to make weapons from. She agrees to this and gives him the men and supplies he needs to accomplish his goals for the Dragonglass. This also gives her an opportunity for a future ally, since she just found out that the Greyjoys and the Dornish women were all captured by Euron and taken to King’s Landing to face Cersei Lannister. On the plus side, we do get two quick scenes at the Citadel. Samwell’s treatment of Jorah Mormont’s Grayscale appears to have been a success! Just in time too, Daenerys needs him now more than ever.

We then get to see Theon rescued from the freezing water and ship wreckage by a ship sent for survivors of the Euron attack. When he’s hauled onto the ship he’s bright blue from spending some time floating around in the cold waves. Theon tries to tell the ship captain and crew that he attempted to save his sister but he lost to his uncle Euron. The captain calls him out on this lie and tells him that they would be dragging a dead body on board the ship if he had attempted to save his sister’s life, then walks away leaving a defeated Theon to shiver on the deck of the ship.

Next, moving to Euron leading the prisoners of his conquest, Yara Greyjoy, Ellaria Sand and her daughter Tyene, through the streets of King’s Landing. It’s funny to me, that the same people that threw rotten food and yelled at Cersei for her walk of shame are now doing the same to these women for a Queen they detested. No matter though, Euron hands over Ellaria and Tyene to Cersei in the throne room in front of all the nobles. He keeps his niece, Yara, which still gives me some hope she can be saved. Cersei takes both the Dornish women and has them gagged and shackled to a wall in a dungeon. As Cersei is talking to both women, mainly Ellaria, I notice that she has this beautiful lipstick on and I’m thinking, “Wow, her lips are popping tonight!”

There is a reason for this, as she tells the women how she has been thinking about killing them she brings up the death of her only daughter, Myrcella. She then proceeds to ask Ellaria why she killed her only daughter, who was her favorite. She then pulls the gag down from Tyene’s face, kisses her, wipes off the lipstick and takes an antidote. Cersei makes sure both women know that Tyene is poisoned and will die and that she plans to make Ellaria watch her daughter die, and then to watch her corpse rot, and that she will keep Ellaria alive for this by any means necessary.

We now see the Unsullied army going to Casterly Rock, where they plan to take over the Lannister castle there. We see the Unsullied fight their way up ladders to the top of the wall, seeing them fall injured and dead, not sure which solider is Grey Worm. We then see a hole in the wall, on a waterway, Tyrion explains he had this put in the wall to sneak in his whores and that was the only reasonable way inside. Grey Worm leads the handful of Unsullied in this way and proceeds to take Casterly Rock by opening the front gates and letting the rest of the Unsullied in. Here’s what we didn’t expect, the Lannister army wasn’t even half of the normal one stationed at their castle. Leaving us asking where did they go?

Of course, this leads to Jamie Lannister leading the bigger part of the army to attack the castle of Olenna Tyrell. Her troops quickly fall to the Lannister army and she herself admits that the Tyrell army aren’t the best fighters. Jamie approaches Olenna, who is sitting aware of her fate. She warns him that Cersei is a curse on him and it will lead to his own death. He then puts poison in her wine and tells her that Cersei wanted a much more horrific death for her, but he talked her into letting him end it this way. Olenna being the badass she has been since day one, grabs the wine, chugs it, then tells Jamie that she killed his son King Joffrey with poison and that she wanted Jamie to tell Cersei. Which I don’t think he will, since Cersei told Euron she would marry him after the war was over and that he pleaded with Cersei for an easier death for Olenna.

I hate to say this but I believe Jamie’s fate is sealed, with everything Olenna pointed out to him before she died, I think he will die because of Cersei. Even though Khaleesi is now without The Greyjoys, Dorne and Tyrell armies. None of this matters though, if no one heeds Jon Snow’s warning of the disaster still to come, the White Walkers.






11 thoughts on “My Insight Into Game Of Thrones S7E3

  1. Great recap! This episode was amazing and it kept me on the edge of my seat with little action involved. I can understand both jon and Dany ‘s side of things. Yes, I think jon should have kneeled but in his mind she’s a foreigner and he knows nothing if her or the type of ruler she will be. Because jon was raised by Ned, he takes paths seriously and will not pledge to ones side until he is absolutely sure if them. On the other hand, Dany feels that she is the rightful ruler and if he doesn’t kneel then he’s planning to betray her. It is an easy task to pledge an oath, but from our perspective we KNOW who she is and what kind of ruler she will be, others do not. Tyrion said wise words, you can’t give him nothing and expect him to trust you, give him something. Obviously the dragonglass is going to serve as that stepping stone.

    I wrote my interpretation of last night as well because why not???? We can all throw our theories out and enjoy the ride!!!

    -Luna 😁

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    1. I know! It’s so nerve-wracking- it’s like please just be allies already. Haha. But we all know that Game of Thrones doesn’t work like that but we can hope that getting access to the Dragonglass will show Jon that Khaleesi isn’t completely shut off to him and his ideas. Btw, Thank you for the compliment. I had a lot of fun writing this recap, I was trying to keep it short though. Haha. I’d love to read your theories too! That’s what makes it fun because someone might have a point or an idea that you never thought of. I’ll definitely check yours out as well.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I love it! This is my first experience with watching GOT live week to week (because I just started it this year in Jaurary. Caught up on the app lol). There’s so many things going on that I can’t wait week to week. I just want to nine watch the remaining episodes now rofl.

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      2. I know. I get sooo spoiled with streaming services that release all the episodes at once. When I first started watching GOT I was like 2 seasons behind. I’ve been able to watch the past 3 seasons live. And its like now that you watch it live, its exciting and you know you can’t miss it. There’s spoilers everywhere! Which is why I put my spoiler warning at the top, just in case. I would hate to be the person that spoils a show someone hasn’t been able to watch or catch up on. Going to check out your post now. 😀

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  2. You made GOT sound even more interesting. My favorite character in the series [after Jon Snow] is Cersei (this has nothing to do with the Cersei’s walk of shame lol) I like her because she is the embodiment of evil on the show, heartless yet ambitious. The Lannister blood doesn’t merely flows through her veins instead it rages & roars within her. Any good story would be handicapped without a good villian, Cersei’s character in her element is what gives that cutting edge to this exciting series. Who’s your favorite character, Holly? Thanks for sharing this amazing insight into my fav TV series 🙂

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    1. I’m glad you liked my insight. I will be working on one tonight after the show was well. Jon Snow is my fav. I love to hate Cersei but I can’t help to have respect for her. Lady Olenna was definitely one of my fav characters as well. I’ve always pulled for Jamie Lannister though. He’s always on the edge of being good but his sister pulls him back into her world.

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  3. Yes Jamie is another grey character. I don’t know, if you were aware of it or not but the spoils of war episode had got leaked earlier last week so I watched this episode like day before yesterday. All I can say is dragon on the battlefield = things just got seriously interesting lol 😂

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      1. Yes the field of fire was a spectacular experience for me personally as a die hard fan. I simply can’t wait to see the next episode hope that too leaks in advance like the last one 😂

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