Internment #Poetry

Thin fingers drumming the wooden desk

Echoing loudly in the silent room

This didn’t break her focus

As she watched the clock slowly click

A bead of sweat trickled slowly down her cheek

The anticipation was killing her

She bit her lower lip as she looked around the room

The alarm of the timer went off

Causing her to jump quickly from her chair

She rushed to the door swinging open wide

The smile plastered on her face faded

As she was met by emptiness

Hanging her head defeated she grabbed a black sharpie

She slowly added a grey line from the faded tip

Her eyes glazed as she saw the endless ticks on the wall

Too many to count

Days faded into months, weeks and years

She started the timer again

The countdown flashing behind her

Sitting in the chair she sighed

Hoping the next time the beeps filled the air

Would mean she wouldn’t be alone

via Daily Prompt: Anticipate


12 thoughts on “Internment #Poetry

  1. Have I told you lately how much I love your words? If not, I love your words! You have such a masterful skill of painting a scene with your words and making us feel all of the emotions involved.

    Bellissimo, Holly, Bellissimo!!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Here’s a little suggestion for your wanting to write all day but having the real world intrude! Use the voice recording feature on your cellphone and then you can capture those little seeds of inspiration in those lost moments of waiting, stopped at a traffic light – those long ones etc. I have started to do that and have gotten quite a few Haikus that way. They are short and no one knows what you are doing tapping your fingers while you are waiting to see the Doctor, Dentist or anyone – and then you make a run for the restroom and put it down with audio.

        So, if this helps to let you write more for us to read then I will be happy for us both!

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