Revolving #Poetry

Slowly dancing in circles

Eyes shutting in thanks to the radiance of the sun

The world’s a carousel

Slowly turning

To the beat of my heart

A heavenly melody of happier thoughts calling to me

This is your life

It’s good to the last drop

Making sure to appreciate every taste I get


via Daily Prompt: Carousel

Radiance #Poetry

There was a shimmer to her

A soft accent of light that filled up a room when she stepped in

This wasn’t here intention

To draw the eyes of a crowd

But her sweet warmth and fetching smile made this impossible

There’s worldly beauty

Then there’s beauty that is filled with kindness

She had concern for the world in her eyes

And a love for humanity in her heart

A rare jewel in this world

The sun reflecting her intentions to the world

And my, were they alluring

via Daily Prompt: Shimmer

Shattered #Poetry

We were happy once

Then the arguments came

Rearing their obnoxious head over every disagreement

The name calling

The lewd words

But you still said you loved me

We would fix things, grow together

Until one day

You grew apart from me

Walked away so casually

Shattering my heart even more

I cry alone

Tears you can never see

I’m lost in my grief

Glue won’t fix this endless puzzle of broken pieces

The fact is

You walked out with a big piece of me

via Daily Prompt: Casual

Rekindle #Poetry

A fleeting wish

An idea spoken of since she was old enough to remember

Something she never thought she’d encounter

Through conversation, laughter and adoration

Fusing as vertebrae

Sparks fly

Eventually her pessimistic side evolves

From a moth to a butterfly

He was her emotional tailor

Threading her once shattered heart

With his gentleness, kindness and love

From stranger to partner

He is her infinity

via Daily Prompt: Partner

Uncharted #Poetry

There was a haze in her mind

Foggy layers swirling across images

Making them seem dark, cold and lonesome

Once happy summer days

Looked barren and unwelcoming

A glimmer of hope flashed through the fog

Much like a lighthouse guiding a ship to safety

Locking on to this idea

She slowly followed the faint light


Scared she would get stuck on jagged rocks

Hoping to reach a friendlier shore

 This willed her to press onward


via Daily Prompt: Foggy