Hidden Truths #Poetry

Who am I?

Ominous and shuttered

Is this where my truths are hidden?

In the abyss of my mind

Matching the depths of a vast ocean

Perilous to navigate

Surrounded by all these answers

Access locked tight

I wander aimlessly through the halls

Hoping to draw from my courage

Face these challenges head on

Right now

I just sit in defeat


via Daily Prompt: Hidden

Be Ready to Fight #poetry

“Be ready to fight.”

A beautiful sadness clung to those words

Her heart skipped to them like they were a drumbeat

They hung on her tongue

And dripped poison from her lips

Causing the same reactions as each word was spoken




Sending fear through her spine

Sliding on mental gloves

Stepping into the boxing ring of her mind

Even if it’s the last thing she accomplishes

She will make it out alive