Reluctance #Poetry

Taking a deep breath

She held it until he lungs hurt

Letting the air explode from her lungs

But ended in a sigh

She had to do this

There was no choice

Even knowing this didn’t help her move her leaden feet

Her free hand clung tightly to her black dress

Her other hand trembled uncontrolled as she clutched the card she made

She closed her eyes

Forcing her tears back

As she walked through the door

And signed the guest book

“With deepest sympathy, I will always love you my friend.”


via Daily Prompt: Sympathy


Rekindle #Poetry

A fleeting wish

An idea spoken of since she was old enough to remember

Something she never thought she’d encounter

Through conversation, laughter and adoration

Fusing as vertebrae

Sparks fly

Eventually her pessimistic side evolves

From a moth to a butterfly

He was her emotional tailor

Threading her once shattered heart

With his gentleness, kindness and love

From stranger to partner

He is her infinity

via Daily Prompt: Partner

Uncharted #Poetry

There was a haze in her mind

Foggy layers swirling across images

Making them seem dark, cold and lonesome

Once happy summer days

Looked barren and unwelcoming

A glimmer of hope flashed through the fog

Much like a lighthouse guiding a ship to safety

Locking on to this idea

She slowly followed the faint light


Scared she would get stuck on jagged rocks

Hoping to reach a friendlier shore

 This willed her to press onward


via Daily Prompt: Foggy

Day One #Poetry

The nerves kick in

Pacing the bland tile floor

Adding color to it with my vibes

Today was the day

Go into the world

Time to grow up

Signing that dotted line

Means I’m an adult

The small apartment is my haven

Unpacking boxes

Making the empty space come to life

Grabbing my toothbrush, I smile

Remembering my mother’s words

“You can do anything, but keep a toothbrush and clean underwear, you don’t want to conquer the world without things that remind you tomorrow’s a new day.”

via Daily Prompt: Toothbrush

Longing # Poetry

He gazed at her longingly

Feelings tugged on his heart strings when she was near

Her laugh

Her smile

Her voice

Sending him into euphoria

Their quiet conversations only bringing him closer

Making her beauty grow

This wasn’t just lust

She was this world

His everything

She held his soul in the palm of her hand

Yet, she was clueless

His love was silent but loud in his mind

Would she be his?


via Daily Prompt: Lust