Shallows of Her Mind #Poetry

Her mind was stubborn

Staying in the shallow areas of her mind

Fixated on one feeling


She tried to engage her mind in other things

But the word followed

Coiling its self around her other thoughts

Crushing them to dust

There was no escape from herself tonight

Her doubt wouldn’t allow this


via Daily Prompt: Shallow

Her Will: Gate #Poetry

The gate was looming over her
The massive twists of iron and steel
Rust flaking
Causing an amber rain
Rotting from the inside
Much like her mind
This was her chance to be free
Her hands torn and bloody
She wasn’t going to quit
Not today
She willed her body onward
Gripping the metal which moaned in protest
This was her chance at freedom
At life


via Daily Prompt: Gate


Ruins of My Mind


Here I sit

Headphones on

World blocked out

Wandering through the ruins of my mind

Looking for the person I’m supposed to be

There are no clues

Just destruction and decay

I gently run my hand on a crumbing wall

Deeply itched in the stone are the words used to destroy me

Sadness overwhelms me as I realize

Those words are not who I am