The Eye of Judgement #Poetry

When death comes for me

What shall I face?

An Angel with gorgeous wings, surrounded by white light?

A golden chariot, just for me?

Will I have the toll to pay to the Ferryman?

Or, will my soul just float through the ceiling rising forever higher

Seeing my loved ones, who have passed, holding hands out toward me?

Pearly gates towering as I face Saint Peter?

Anubis weighing my heart against a feather?

Or do all I deserve to be met with is a void?

Dark, black and forever uncomforting

Will it be a vibrant reality or a grainy delusion?

The question throughout ages

What will I see?


via Daily Prompt: Grainy


Unique Dance #poetry

Snowflakes slowly danced passed her window

Each flake a unique piece of the puzzle

That becomes lost in masses

As soon as it stops dancing

It joins the others to be a white, fluffy mound

She takes a sip of her warm Oolong tea

Pondering the thought of how people reference snowflakes for their unique designs

But to the naked eye they all look the same

And get lost in a oneness of white snow


via Daily Prompt: Tea