Predictions for 2018: Tana Hoy

Every year there are tons of questions about the upcoming new year. From countries going to war to curing diseases the world has been fighting for so long. All of us at some point talk about the, “What If’s,” with friends, family and co-workers. We even reach out to news sources in hopes for a glimpse into some definite answers. This got me thinking, what about the people that claim to see into the future? Those who claim to be intuitive and to see the future of the world. What about Psychics? There are always those who claim to see into the distant future of the year, every year. Let’s go over some of these productions from different Psychics and see what the outcomes are throughout 2018. If you believe, don’t believe or are just curious it can be thrilling, and at the least, entertaining to see what is predicted. Don’t we all want to know what 2018 holds in store?


This week, let’s look at the predictions of, “The World’s Foremost Psychic,” Tana Hoy.

Tana Hoy

On Tana’s website it says that he came across his abilities at a young age. Being able to hear, see and speak with loved ones, Angels, Guides and the list goes on. On a radio station he also predicted the Oklahoma City Bombing, 90 minutes before it happened which made him and his abilities known around the world.

2018 Predictions

  1. Hollywood will be rocked by more sex scandals with different Celebrities continuing to come forward. Which includes a rape case, pedophile ring being exposed!
  • Which Celebrities do you see stepping forward to join/add to the #MeToo movement?
  • Which Hollywood elite will be exposed in the Pedophile ring?

2.World War III could start between the USA, North Korea, Israel, China or all three. Depending on how Trump handles the situations that arise between the countries.

  • Will this happen? If so, will it be a nuclear war?
  1. Cure for major diseases and major advances will be made with HIV, diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers.
  • What disease do you think will be cured?
  1. Governments all over the world will be exposed for having information pertaining to UFO’s and them willingly holding the information back!
  • Will the information given change your mind about UFO’s and will it generate more believers?

These are just some of the interesting predictions that Tana had for this year. For more information please check out his website for the complete list.

Also let me know in a comment here or on twitter what you think of these predictions. I’d love to hear what you think!





What TV show would you bring back?


“What TV show would you bring back now and why?”


I was born in 1986, so I believe that this makes me a quintessential ‘90’s child. Starting the decade at 4 and ending the decade as a cynical 14-year-old. I was impressionable during this time so the TV, movies and music definitely aided in shaping me, even to this day. I usually cringe when I hear that some studio or network is redoing a show or movie from my youth. I always silently beg them not to ruin my childhood and most the time I am let down.

I would have to choose the show, “My So-Called Life.” This show, sadly, only ran one reason from 1994-1995. The show followed a group of teens at the fictional Liberty High school in Pennsylvania. The main character we followed was Angela Chase who lead us through the emotional turmoil and drama that teenagers face from their peers and family members.


The short-lived show hit a lot of hot topic social issues of the time, child abuse, homophobia, teenage alcoholism, homelessness, violence, censorship and drug use. What makes this show stand out in my mind even to this day is the fact that it was never a one episode resolved issue like many of its high school counterparts. The raw, gritty realness brought a viewership in and kept them hooked.

I believe this would be a timeless show because so many of the same issues are ones shared today among teenagers and their parents or guardians. The topics could be changed to anything and the fact that the issues and outcomes stay with each character is to real. Showing everyone that the actions you take do stay with you and you can let break you or you can learn and rise above them.



I would love to see Netflix reboot this show in the future. I believe the name alone would bring in 90’s kids and the concepts and realness of the issues and story lines would bring in a much wider audience.

Now, I leave this question with you: What TV show would you being back now and Why?

Feel free to answer in a comment, by piggybacking or in a post of your own. I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts and ideas! The best part about blogging isn’t the writing for me but the interaction with the community, so let’s interact! Let me know what you thought of my pick.

My Insight Into Game Of Thrones S7E4


The below post will contain spoilers of Season 7 Episode 3 of Game of Thrones. If you have not seen the episode yet and do not want spoilers please DO NOT read on. For everyone else, let’s begin.

Quiet in the realm GOT

            Let me start out by saying when I see the four words flash across my screen on Sunday nights I get giddy and don’t pay attention to any social media. Those four lovely words are, “Quiet In The Realm.”

Now just a quick overview of what I will be doing on posts like this. I will not be recapping a full episodes of Game of Thrones (GOT). I will be breaking down plotlines from time to time, going over character dynamics and just pointing out things I was thinking as I watched the show.



Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 4

Arya made it to Winterfell!!! Okay, I’m done fan girling, I thought she was going  to King’s Landing after meeting face to face with her direwolf, Nymeria. Instead she went and joined her “pack” in Winterfell. She was met with some oafish guards, that even though they didn’t look alike reminded me of Tweedledum and Tweedledee from Disney’s, Alice in Wonderland.  Arya being the badass she is, convinces these two Winterfell guards to let her onto the grounds and once their backs are turned, she slips away.

When Sansa is alerted to her sister’s presence, she quickly deduces where she will be: the tomb of their father, Ned Stark. This is the moment where Arya points out that their statue looks nothing like her father and Sansa comments that those who knew how he looked are all dead. Arya then counters with that they are still alive. It’s a touching moment between two sisters who haven’t seen each other in years.

Try as I might, I can’t completely figure out Littlefinger and his strategies. He approaches Bran Stark and hands him the knife that was meant to kill him. Bran, being completely different since he became the Three Eyed Raven, is blank-faced during this whole exchange. He later gives Arya the Valyrian steel dagger which she quickly adds as a sidekick to her trusty sword, Needle. An interesting comment is made here, how the person who wanted him dead must have had money because of the Valyrian dagger that was wielded by the would-be assassin.

The best part in Winterfell came between Arya and Brienne. Arya tells Brienne that it has been a while since she was able to train and that she wanted her as a training partner. Their training session was great, and everyone got a peek into Arya’s skill set as she upset Brienne, including Sansa and LittleFinger. Is anyone else just wanting Arya to stab Littlefinger in the eye with Needle, or is that just me?

Now, let’s shift over to Dragonstone to Jon showing Khaleesi the dragonglass whole in the mine before his break it all to pieces. Of course, this is not the only reason he asked Khaleesi here, he also wanted to show her the drawings on the rock walls. These etchings were from the Children of the Forest, the childlike people that looked after Bran and the Three Eye Raven. It showed how the First Men and the Children of the Forest united against the White Walkers and Jon made sure that Khaleesi sees this. She says she will join in his fight, but only if he bends the knee to her. He knows the lords of the North would never go for that idea, but he needs to the aid of Khaleesi’s dragons. This is a crossroads that Jon will have to decide very soon.

This moment quickly fades when Khaleesi is met with news that the Tyrell army was defeated by the Lannsiter army. Which also means that she now has no local allies left since the Greyjoys were also defeated. Cersei has Ellaria, which cuts off Dorne. With Lady Olenna dead, House Tyrell is no longer a player. Which means Cersei is now winning this power struggle and no one wants that. In her frustration of this news, Khaleesi accuses Tyrion of not being completely loyal to her – which cuts him deeply and is not the case.

She then decides to go off to High Garden herself, riding one of her Dragons with the Dothraki Horde following her. We finally get to see a dragon in action! As dragon fire is rained down on the Lannister army. Anyone the dragon misses, the Dothraki are taking care of. In this grueling scene you see Jamie Lannister watch his army get totally slaughtered. Definitely not the image anyone would have thought after their conquest of House Tyrell.

However, not all is lost for the Lannister’s in this battle. Their new weapon, the Scorpion, for fighting the dragons was put to the test and hit its target, wounding one of Khaleesi’s dragons. Luckily the dragon managed to destroy the weapon before it could be fired again. It had to land so Khaleesi could try to remove the massive arrow from its wing.

Jamie was on horseback nearby and watched in horror as his recent victory quickly turned to defeat. He saw Khaleesi with her back turned and saw his chance to end her rebellion against the throne and save Cersei’s life. He must have assumed at this point that he was going to die, but would not go down without a fight. Jamie rode his horse straight toward Khaleesi hoping to take her to the grave with him. When he was almost on top of her, the dragon stuck its head out in defense of her and shot a fireball at Jamie. Just when you thought he was fried someone, I’m assuming Bronn here, tackled Jamie off his horse and into the watery depths. The episode ends with him sinking towards the sea floor, I do not believe however that this will be Jamie’s demise. We will see him again.


(How I saw Jamie Lannsiter when the Dragon was destroying his army.)

Before this battle, Lord Tarly says “All the gold is safely through the gates at Kings Landing.” So Daenerys didn’t rob Cersei of all the money. Cersei has it. What they did do is decimate the Lannister army and, it appears, destroy all the food they stole from the Tyrells. Which scares me in the long run, because winter has come and people are going to starve. If they destroyed all the grain, that might come back to bite both Cersei and Daenerys in the ass later.

All of this will hit Cersei hard, because she just lost the bulk of her army, her brother Jamie, and the provisions to last through the winter. Oh sure, she has the gold to pay off the Iron Bank, but will she use it for that now? Or will she take the gold and invest in more troops? At this moment Lady Olenna’s words echoed in my mind, “You’re a dragon. Be a dragon.” Khaleesi finally decided to embrace that part of herself and it won her the battle, but definitely not the war.

Cas of The Moon: Part 2

Days slowly began to fade into months and then years, with no word from Cassie’s father. This fact, and her mother nagging her to quit, only made Cassie train harder. She was older now, 13 year old, which means she had more responsibilities than just training.

Her mother was unable to pay for Cassie to keep up school, but made an agreement, Cassie could continue her training if she read one book every few months, depending on the merchants who passed through her small town. This week’s book was titled, “Glorify the Kingdom: A Woman’s Duties.” Which droned on about marriage, children and fidelity to the Kingdom. She knew this was another way for her mother to nudge her towards marriage but Cassie didn’t care nor did she want it.

Her mother glanced over at Cassie and shook her head as Cassie was twirling her red locks around her finger. This was the universal sign that she was just pretending to read, but today of all days her mother was going to give her some slack.

“Cas, would you like to come the sewing shop with me today?” Her mother asked standing in the frame of the front door. Cassie threw the book down and ran over to her mother excited.

“Is my costume done?!” Cassie asked hoping from one foot to the other in anticipation. She didn’t notice her mother’s furrowed brow as she gazed at the book sitting pages down with a crease now down the spine.

“Cassie! You need to be careful with these books they lose their value when damaged.” Her mother scolded her as she stomped over picking the book off the floor and placing it on the small wooden table in the kitchen.

Cassie looked unfazed by her mother’s dramatics, “No girl or woman should have to read that garbage.”

Her mother shot her a steeled-eyed gaze, “If you want to get your costume and go to the festival tonight, you will take care of your things! Other kids would love to be able to read a book than work long hours in a field!”

Cassie sighed, walked over to the table and picked up the book. She dramatically wiped the book cover on her long brown skirt. “I am sorry.” She mumbled as she set it down. Her mother nodded in acceptance of her apology and off the two women went to the sewing shop.

She sat in the only chair in the small sewing shop as her mother and the shopkeep were talking. Cassie could tell something was wrong because of the upset expression on her mother’s face as she was talking to the shopkeep. The conversation ended with a nod from her mother as she grabbed a black garment and made her way to Cassie.

“As requested.” Her mom handed her the items, “A top, head ban and pants, all black of course.” Cassie rocketed from the chair grabbing the black garments from her mother and smiling happily.

“Most people put some white or yellow on the festival costumes.” The shopkeep said looking at Cassie in bewilderment.

“No need.” Cassie responded, “Tonight, at my first moon festival, my hands, neck and face will be the stars and this garment the night sky.” She continued, “And my mother will be my lovely moon.”

The shopkeep scoffed as her mother looked to the dirt floor, “No, love. I am needed here for work. A duke is getting married and we have to get all their wedding wear just right.”

“Does that mean I can’t go tonight, Ma?” Cassie’s said with a defeated tone in her voice. Her mother smiled faintly, “You my go, but only with Agric as your companion.”

“I’ll go ask him now. Thanks, Ma!” Cassie yelled as she ran out the door to find Agric.

It didn’t take Cassie long to find Agric, he was in his normal hiding place, the alley behind the pub. “Hey Cas!” He waved her over.

“Are you going to the Moon Festival tonight?” She blurted out. He gave her an awkward smile, “Of course, it’s my first one too.”

“Can I go with you?” She asked excitedly. Agric’s green eye’s sparkled at the question, “Your Ma okay with that?”

“Yes! She has some garments to sow and you are my best friend after all.” She said poking him in the shoulder with her finger.

“Fine by me.” Agric shrugged squatting down he grabbed a stick that was by his feet and began to draw in the dirt.

“What are you doing?” Cassie asked squatting down next to him.

“I’m drawing out battle plans.” He drew a line far away from his other drawings.

“What is that?” She pointed to it.

“Oh. That’s you. You know you can’t compete in the local sword and battle competition.”

Cassie stood up quickly and kicked the dirt pictures away, “You know I am better than all those other boys!”

As she huffed away as Argic called to her, “See you tonight Cas!”

Cas of The Moon: Part 1

Peeking out her small window she saw the moon was high in the clear night sky. She began to count the stars, only getting to 10 before her mother came into her room.

“My little one, it’s time for bed.” Her mother sung to her as she sat on the edge of her straw bedding. Pulling her covers back she motioned for Cassie to get under them.

Making a huffing nose in protest, Cassie tossed her long, fire red locks in front of her face. She was hoping the adage, “I can’t see you, you can’t see me”, would work. She felt her mother’s soft hand brush her thick hair out of her face.

“You’re going to say that adage one to many times and the fairy king will grant it. What will you do then?” Her mother’s voice, full of false concern made Cassie open her eyes and smile wide.

“I know EXACTLY what I would do, Ma!” a wicked smile plastered her face. Her mother raised an eyebrow in question, though she already knew the answer.

“I will wish to disappear, so I can run and frolic in the moonlight!” Excitement started to run through her veins. She quickly glanced to the window again just willing herself to be out in the moonlight.

Her mother let out a sweet laugh as she covered Cassie. “Nights only carry the worst of characters. There is no reason for a young girl or woman to be out amongst the thieves, mercenaries and drunks.”

A confused look plastered Cassie’s face as she pulled the covers up to her nose. “What about the demimondes?” Her mother shot her a narrow glance and she knew she shouldn’t have asked.

“Where did you hear that word?!” Her mother snapped at Cassie. Her tone of shocked matching the expression on her face.

“Father told me when he was last in town Ma…” Cassie trailed off as her mother sighed.

“Those women have no choice but to sell their bodies to survive. It is not a life for us but most have no choice.” Her mother stood patting down her dress, “I will talk to you Father about this next time he is home. Good night love.” Her mother said as she walked towards the door.

Before her mother made it all the way through Cassie blurted out the question that has been on her mind for months, “When will father be home again?” This caused her mother’s back to stiffen as she stopped dead in her tracks.

Without turning to face her daughter she took a deep breath and exhaled it slowly, “Your father is a solider, he must travel with the King’s army. You know this, but he should be home in a few more months.” Before any more questions could be asked her Mother quickly shut Cassie’s door.

Staring at the ceiling Cassie pictured the last time her father was home. He was teaching her how to use a sword. Her mother did not believe any girl who wanted to be a lady should pick up a sword. Her father ignored her mother’s protests and showed young Cassie anyway.

“You should know how to defend yourself. What if no one was around to help you, then what?” His deep voice bellowed over her mother’s huffs. Cassie thought for a moment than shrugged, “Shouldn’t the King’s army be there to protect the people?”

Letting out a deep laugh her father shook his head. “Am I around all the time Cas?” She thought on the question for a moment then shook her head no. “You can’t count on a man to be there always and definitely not an army.”

He handed her the small metal sword he had forged for her at the blacksmith’s down the road. A stern look crossed his face as he looked the young girl directly in her eyes, “You must learn to defend yourself at all cost Cas.” From that point on their lessons began. She had a month of sword training every day before her dad had to leave again.

“You’re a natural, kiddo.” He told her on the last day they were together. A smile crossed her lips as she fell to sleep to the thought of her dad’s words, still hearing his voice echoing in her mind.