Shattered #Poetry

We were happy once

Then the arguments came

Rearing their obnoxious head over every disagreement

The name calling

The lewd words

But you still said you loved me

We would fix things, grow together

Until one day

You grew apart from me

Walked away so casually

Shattering my heart even more

I cry alone

Tears you can never see

I’m lost in my grief

Glue won’t fix this endless puzzle of broken pieces

The fact is

You walked out with a big piece of me

via Daily Prompt: Casual

Her Will: Gate #Poetry

The gate was looming over her
The massive twists of iron and steel
Rust flaking
Causing an amber rain
Rotting from the inside
Much like her mind
This was her chance to be free
Her hands torn and bloody
She wasn’t going to quit
Not today
She willed her body onward
Gripping the metal which moaned in protest
This was her chance at freedom
At life


via Daily Prompt: Gate