Abrasive #Poetry

She acted as if she had thick skin

Not allowing them to see how their words stuck to her

Even though they were stamped hard against her skin

Their ink slowly began to ooze

Filling her pores

Seeping into her skin

Lacing her blood cells

Sending the putrid thoughts to her mind

Snaking around her confidence and optimism

Lacing them with venomous words

Having them play over in her mind

As a song stuck on  repeat

Not be able to fend off the cold, painful embrace

Of the hate and lies

Her light dimmed

The darkness began its feast


via Daily Prompt: Ooze

Ruins of My Mind


Here I sit

Headphones on

World blocked out

Wandering through the ruins of my mind

Looking for the person I’m supposed to be

There are no clues

Just destruction and decay

I gently run my hand on a crumbing wall

Deeply itched in the stone are the words used to destroy me

Sadness overwhelms me as I realize

Those words are not who I am


Unspoken #poetry


Beautiful thoughts sent to our mind from our hearts.

Endlessly flowing ideas

Showing who we are to the core

Can you see my soul in my words?

Not just in my eyes

Can you hear my heart in my voice?

Not just pounding in my chest